Candidate Support

People who support a specific candidate in an election.

Criterion CandidateSupport

This will take values dependent on your available information and list of candidates.


  • CandidateSupportLevel - Optional - The level of support offered to the candidate
  • CandidateSupportDate - Optional - Date range when the support of the candidate was supplied


People who support Ron Paul:

(CandidateSupport = "Ron Paul")

People who are very favorable of Ron Paul:

(CandidateSupport = "Ron Paul", CandidateSupportLevel = "Very Favorable")

People who supported Ron Paul between April 1, 2014 and April 5, 2014:

(CandidateSupport = "Ron Paul", CandidateSupportDate = [2014-04-01,2014-04-05])

Organization Membership

People who are a member of a specific organization.

Criterion Membership

  • Yes - People who are members of any organization
  • No - People who are not members of any organization


  • MembershipOrganization - Optional - The organization of which this profile is a member
  • MembershipLeader - Optional - Takes a yes/no depending on whether this profile is the leader of the organization
  • MembershipActive - Optional - People who are active members of an organization
  • MembershipDonor - Optional - People who are donors to the organization they're members of
  • MembershipTitle - Optional - People who have a specific title within an organization
  • MembershipJoinDate - Optional - People who joined an organization during a specific date range
  • MembershipLeftDate - Optional - People who left an organization during a specific date range


People who belong to the AARP, but are not the leader:

(Membership = "Yes", MembershipOrganization = "AARP", MembershipLeader = "No")

People who are active donors within their organization:

(Membership = "Yes", MembershipActive = "Yes", MembershipDonor = "Yes")

People who joined an organization in 2015 and hold the title of "VIP":

(Membership = "Yes", MembershipTitle = "VIP", MembershipJoinDate = [2015-01-01, 2015-12-31])

People who left the AARP in 2000 through 2009:

(Membership = "Yes", MembershipOrganization = "AARP", MembershipLeftDate = [2000-01-01, 2009-12-31])

Outside Contributions

Outside contributions - such as reported by the FEC - to an organization

Criterion OutsideContribution

  • Yes - People who have donated at all
  • No - People who have no donations associated with them


  • OutsideContributionOrganization - Optional - A filter that limits people based on the organization they have given to
  • OutsideContributionAmount - Optional - A number range that filters people based on the size of their contributions
  • OutsideContributionTopic - Optional - A filter that limits people to contributions they've made to an organization associated with a specific topic
  • OutsideContributionPoliticalParty - Optional - A filter that limits people to contributions they've made to a specific political party - only returns political parties
  • OutsideContributionSource - Optional - People who made a contribution with a specific source code
  • OutsideContributionDatetime - Optional - People who made a contribution during a provided datetime range


People who've ever given:

(OutsideContribution = "Yes")

Outside contributions to Crowdskout over $500:

(OutsideContribution = "Yes", OutsideContributionOrganization = "Crowdskout", OutsideContributionAmount = [500, *])

Outside contributions to a republican organization:

(OutsideContribution = "Yes", OutsideContributionPoliticalParty = "Republican")

Outside contributions with the source code "I306":

(OutsideContribution = "Yes", OutsideContributionSource = "I306")


People who have a connection with another profile

Criterion Relationship

Values for this criterion depend on the available information.


  • InfluentialRelationship - Optional - Takes a yes/no depending on whether the relationship is particularly influential
  • RelationshipType - Optional - The type of relationship that this profile has with another


People who have a relationship with "George Yates":

(Relationship = "George Yates")

People who have an influential friendship with "George Yates":

(Relationship = "George Yates", InfluentialRelationship = "Yes", RelationshipType = "Friend")